Friday, May 4, 2012

When a fisherman loses her mother

As some of you may know I have some sad news.  After a year long battle with a rare form of kidney cancer, my mom, Jeanne Pickett passed away.   I was blessed with being able to be by her side, holding her hand, along with my sister, as she passed.  This was a blessing to me because I feared I would be out fishing and not have a chance to say goodbye.  Needless to say, this was a hard storm to weather.  I turned to poetry to express my emotions.  I wrote this for last week for the service.  Its called:

One Single Tear

I will miss you mom,
I always looked up to you.
You were my first role model
and always knew what to do.

You taught me to be brave
to follow my heart.
To  carry my own weight
and always do my part.

You taught my to be strong,
to do what is right
to always soldier on
and that sometimes, you have to fight.

You always were a fighter
a strong woman through and through
but there was just one battle
that was too much, even for you.

We got to hold your hand
when death came it was clear
that you weren't ready to go
when you shed that single tear.

But your struggle is over
it was hard to let you go.
You are in a better place now,
that much, I now.

So its goodbye for now 
but don't be surprised
when we meet again
east of the sunrise.

In loving memory of 
Jeanne F Pickett

November 27, 1938

Laid to rest

April 21, 2012


Kerry said...

Beautifully written Jen!

Jen Pickett said...

Thanks Kerry!