Friday, May 11, 2012

I drove through the Yukon and all I got was this lousy metal shard in my tire

Metal shard in my tire

 Lucky for me, I stopped and got it fixed before I had a flat tire in the middle of the Yukon in the middle of the near blizzard I was driving in.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Yukon, near the AK border, May 7, 2012

Fishing season is upon us!  It starts next week actually, we got a 12 hour opener May 17th for the Copper River.  Fish on!  The fish buzz is in the air as we all gear up for yet another season.

It was time to make my way back up to Alaska after visiting family in Ohio.  I packed up the car and headed north.  Well, west first, around Chicago then north. 

I entered Canada from North Dakota, drove across the plains with their lovely old wooden grain elevators and their old farm equipment turned into statues and endless fields.  And, of course, their larger than life statues of Paul Bunyan and a disturbingly large beaver statue about 25 feet tall.

Once I hit Edmonton, the road goes more north again and skirts the mountains.  The landscape become more rustic along with the buildings.

Camp ground in Fort Nelson where it costs $37.00 to pitch a tent.  Showers are extra.

Who knew they even allowed guns in Canada

Rustic justice. 
 I also saw a picture of a revolver that said "we don't call 911". 

 Soon, if you are not shot first, you are passing more wildlife of the roads than cars.

Stone Sheep in BC & Yukon

Caribou, aka Boo

Stone sheep 


Wild bison littered along the highway



Little black bear in the Yukon

More boo outside my window

In between dodging wild animals on the road, snow storms and metal shards, I did get to enjoy some local R&R at Liard Hot Springs in BC and local sign post forests like this one outside of Whitehorse.

Sign Post Forest of the Yukon

Liard Hot Springs

Some of the drive was just breath-taking, like this lake the just disappears into the mountains and the road, that goes right through it.


After 4000 miles and about 8 straight days of driving, I made it to Alaska.  Ah, it was good to be home where there are glaciers along the side of the road.  And planes parked at rest stops, also along side of the road.  How did it get there?

plane parked on turn-out along the Glenn Highway

Matanuska glacier
Tune in next week to hear all about the Copper River's first opener of the season.

Until then, eat fish, live longer.


Tele said...

Right on - welcome back, Jen! Glad you made it safe, and that you made time for a hot springs stop!

(Been tied to the dock for going on 2 weeks here, waiting for a 5 day window to finish our halibut. Blowing 45 tonight/tomorrow, looks like we'll get out Monday - if we still remember how to untie the lines!)

Jen Pickett said...

Thanks Tele!

And I know what you mean, our season starts this Thursday. I always wonder each spring if I remember how to pick fish....

Good fishin'!

Kaela said...


I love this post on the Copper River Salmon Opening Day!
How exciting!


Jen Pickett said...

Thanks Kaela! And thanks for stopping by!

Cap Carl said...

Reply to an older comment----
Cups should be towed bottom up,
top up, the cup will fill and sink.

Cheers, Cap Carl

Cap Carl said...

Reply to an older comment----
Cups should be towed bottom up,
top up, the cup will fill and sink.

Cheers, Cap Carl