Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a blue moon/ the Labor Day editon

Tonight is a blue moon, which is the second full moon in a month.  We won’t be seeing it in Cordova, raining and blowing here.  Guess we are getting some leftover typhoon from Japan that had winds up to 120 MPH.  The mountains are barely out let alone anything in the sky. Someone else will have to take a picture and report back. 

This weekend is also Labor Day weekend, a day of celebration of the social contributions of workers.   Labor Day is traditionally celebrated on a Monday with parades, picnics and whatnot.  Mondays are the days we typically fish here on the Copper River.  So it’s always been a strange holiday to me, mostly because of its non-existence in my world.  It does make me think of the contributions fishing brings to small towns like Cordova.   Between fishermen, the canneries, gear shops, net hanging, mending, fuel docks, grocery and liquor stores, even in the bars, fishing brings a lot of money to a town.   You’d think it would be highly celebrated.  Maybe because I’m usually out fishing, I miss it, but I don’t think its much of a big deal up here.   We aren’t without celebration though.  The Trident Fisherman’s appreciation party was a few days ago.  And, they threw down!  Free!  Salmon lox, king crab, salmon, halibut, shrimp, and scallops, oh my!  The best part?  Free booze.  That’s right.  No 2 free drink tickets.  Free. Drink. For. 6. Hours. That’s almost a full workday.  It was tough, but we managed.  It wasn’t as good an idea that next day either, but again we managed, barely.  Some better than others. But it was sure fun that night!  I got to see a lot of my fishing buddies.   Also ran into Louie, who I seined herring with back in ’98.  Funny how different our memories are of the same event.  Like him accusing me of faking that fat bloody lip and cracked front tooth just to hang out with our spotter pilot when he had to fly me to the dentist in Kodiak. HA! It’s all good though. 

So, have a good Labor Day everyone.   And don’t forget to thank a fisherman!

Friday, August 3, 2012


In fishing, its not a matter of if it will happen to you, its a matter of when it will happen.  We all make the mistakes at some point in time or another and most of us all make the same mistakes.  I've made a few of these myself, but, its always funnier when it is someone else this time and not you (or me!)

getting ready for Xmas early by decorating the Whistler

Wonder if the Egg Island can needs a permit

The dogleg in the stick channel.  Yeah, I know this sandbar

Hey, its me.  Is it green right return or red right return?

You're asking me?

We got what you need!  Gas, ice, cigarettes, chew, ice cream.  Just give us a few and we'll be right there

You're in my set.