Monday, April 30, 2012

Stand by

Stand by folks.  Due to weathering one of life's many storms, this blog is on stand by but will return soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Jen Pickett said...

Tele said:

We're standing by, Jen. I'm imagining you rummaging in the engine room, tending to what needs to be done to keep your boat running safe, and the rest of us patiently sitting by the radio. Full cups of coffee in hand, we're alert for an update, confident that you've got what you need to get through, and ready to pitch in wherever needed. Hang in there, friend.

Jen Pickett said...

Thanks Tele!

Sorry about reposting your comment. I'm having technical difficulty with Blogger.

Kate Williams said...

Just found your blog, Jen and really enjoy it (also saw your PBS piece) - I used to live in Cordova (1996-2003). Nice way to still feel connected.

Jen Pickett said...

Thanks Kate!

John and I were just reminiscing on FB fun times fishing like smashing into each other and about 3 other boats and getting all tangled. Good times.

What are you and your boys up to now?