Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tailor made forecast for the Copper River Flats first opener

Seems like mother nature has it in for us here on the Copper River.  The first commercial fishing opener of the season and is 12 hours long, from 7 AM to 7 PM tomorrow, May 16, 2013.   Seems like that is the exact time the weather is supposed to turn to be UGLY.  The 4PM NOAA Marine weather update for the Copper River area, which is Cape Suckling to Gore Point,is as follows:  Gale Warning. SE wind 30 kt increasing to 40 kt by midday. Seas 14 ft.  Well, that's one way to kick off the season.  Let's hope there is some fish out there to make it all worth it!

Oh well, guys are all a buzz getting ready anyhow.  There was a line up at the fuel dock, the boat launch, the cannery where guys ice up, the grocery store, the gear store.  Shoots, there was even a line up at the phone company hooking up last minute local cell phones. But even with all the scurry,  some are still scrambling to get their nets on, their boats in the water, fueled up, iced up and psyched up!  I went down to the harbor a little while ago and it was still full! You'd never even know there's going to be an opener tomorrow.  But they are starting to dribble out.  High water is a 6PM today, a good time to leave.  I don't blame them either with that forecast. I wouldn't want to be out there any longer than I had to either.  A few fishermen said they will probably get up early and take a look and if its too bad out, go back to bed.  They all say this but they always end up going.

fueling up at the fuel dock

Cordova Harbor

loading up the net

running out to the fishing grounds

Good luck out there and stay safe!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cordova's very own sometimes annual In 'Em Fisher Folk Fest

Next Thursday, May 9th, one week before the first opener on the Copper River Flats, on the new moon, at low water, in the Anchor Bar & Grill is the (drum roll, please!)

sometimes annual
In ‘Em Fisher Folk Fest
May 9
Anchor Bar & Grill
Cordova, Alaska

Come for an evening of song, writings, poems and stories of commercial fishing and all the flotsam and jetsam that go along with it.  From skippers to greenhorns, deckhands to slime liners, come get hooked by the tales of men and women who make their living from the sea.

This occasionally annual event has been going on in Cordova now for about 10 years, give or take.  This is the small fry version of  Astoria's Fisher Poets, but Cordova style. Performers are still piling in but so far on the confirmed line up, we have, in no particular order:

Dennis McGuire
Mike Mickleson
Rob Eckley
Katy Boehm
Lloyd Montgomery
Steve Schoonmaker
Jen Pickett
Buck Meloy
Patty McGuire
Eric Manzer

Steve Schoonmaker

Buck Meloy

LLoyd Montgomery

Dennis McGuire

Yours truly

  See you at the Anchor!