Friday, April 13, 2012

Ancestry of a Fisherman

100 years ago today the Titanic left port bound for her maiden voyage to America with 3000 souls onboard.  Two days later, she sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic where she and more than 1500 souls remain today.  A tragedy not to be forgotten.

This past few weeks I’ve been going through old boxes in the basement and found family photos of old ancestors and relatives.  Some dating back 100 years, around the time the Titanic set sail.  Some dated back even further.  It got me thinking about my family’s past and about the folks in the photos.  I wonder who they were.  Yes, there are names on the backs of some and even explanations such as “wife of… daughter of… son of….” But I can’t help but wonder who they were, what their profession was, what their character was like, what they did to pass the time, what books they read.  Well, ok, the last question was answered when I found the Bible published in 1880, a 132-year-old Bible engraved “Manahan”.  I also found 2 others published around the turn of the century, one in 1901 and the other in 1905.

The oldest looking relatives I found was this picture of David Donalson  (no "D" )and Sarah Elizabeth Laltimer Donalson with baby Louella.   Here is a picture of the three of them and one of baby Louella later on in live.  I don’t know anything else about this family other than David died a Veteran at Camp St. Louis, Mo. Feb. 8, 1863 at 27 years of age.  He must have been in the Civil War.   Louella’s gravestone is in Jerome, Ohio.  

David, Sarah Elizabeth and baby Louella Donalson circa mid 1800s

Louella Donalson

David Donalson's gravestone in MO

In more recent years is a picture of my great-great grandfather, C. W. Manahan, on his 100th birthday in 1913 along with many others who were over 70.   Again, I don’t know much about him or what he did for a living other than he lived in Norwalk, Ohio. 

Charles W Manahan (in center chair) on his 100th Birthday, 1913

Moving further along in time, I found some old photos of where my grandfather, David Peckham worked.  These photos were either the Port of Sandusky or Elyria, both in Ohio. 

Ships of Lake Erie

Ships of Lake Erie

Longshoreman of Lake Erie. David Peckham (grandfather) top row on right

 One of his sons, my Uncle Tom, did some time in the U. S. Navy.    I know it’s a stretch, but it’s the only sea-faring bit I could find in my family.  Perhaps adventure and water runs in my family.  

Tom Peckham

Ironically, today is the 36th anniversary of the death of my Uncle Tom.   I discovered this after I posted my blog.  Rest in peace, you will always live in our hearts.


Heather said...

I think you look like Louella--what color do you think her hair was?

Jen Pickett said...

Huh? You think so? I never really thought of that, I guess maybe I do. Thanks!

I think her hair is brown, but not real sure. I did notice that her eyes seem to be two different colors.

I have lots of questions for her, like how did she end up in Ohio?

Thanks for your comments and stopping by!