Friday, March 11, 2011

Update: Project Egg

It's Pickfish Friday!  And there is so much going on right now.  First off, my heart goes out to all those on Japan's north coast hit by yesterday's earthquake, especially Japan's fishermen.  And everyone on the Pacific coast right now, from Japan to Hawaii, Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, California, on down to Mexico.  There are tsunami warnings and advisories all over the place.  Currently, for me here in Anchorage, there is a tsunami advisory.  An advisory means that a tsunami is capable of producing strong currents and waves.  You can gt more information here at NOAA: or at   But doesn't look like any immediate danger. Crazy, though, all the destruction from, earthquakes alone, going on between Christchurch and Japan. With all of Alaska's seismic activity, makes me wonder if we are next.  Also makes me wonder if I have earthquake insurance, I can't remember.

Anyway, on a lighter note, it's spring time here in Alaska.  Which doesn't necessarily mean warmer weather (well, ok, yes warmer, but it's still not above freezing) but it does mean more DAYLIGHT!  We are up to 11 hours, 15 minutes and 49 seconds of sunshine! Yes, we are counting.  I like to count until June 21, the longest days of the year.  I stop then when the days start getting shorter. But, I have to say,  I'm always amazed at this time of year, as if, in the dead of winter, I just can't believe it will actually happen and we'll have daylight again. But, we do and  I've made it though another winter.  Schew.

What else is happening?  The northern lights are dancing at night and very visible on these clear, moonless nights. And let's not forget, IDITAROD!  It's day 5 of the 1200 miles race to Nome.  The local paper does a great job at keeping us all updated:  Go Lance go!  Lance Mackey, the defending champion, is currently in 3rd place.  Updates come in through out the day and can change on a hourly basis.  It's all so exciting!

The other thing happening this morning is there is a moose in my yard. They come into my yard every now and again, they like the foliage.  Plus it's nice and relaxing for them.  Who knew that a condo in the middle of Anchorage would make such a great moose spa?

Moose pruning my lilacs

moose in my yard this morning

don't you just want to scratch those ears?

Those ears do look nice and fuzzy, but I'd curb any impulse to scratch them.  I bet this woman who tried will curb her impulse next time, too. Oops

Ok, I'm stalling on giving the Egg update, because, well.....anyone wanna buy an Egg?  The paneling is all hung and looks pretty good, the bunk is made.  I'm working on a little trim today.  It looks good and I like the Egg, that little gutted 12' camper I bought a few months ago to renovate and live in for the summer when I go back to Cordova.  But here's the sitch.  I found out that the lot where I'll be putting the Egg for the summer has a charge of $114/mo for water, sewer, and garbage.  The fact that that sounds outlandishly expensive is beside the point, but, I figure,  hey if I'm paying for it, I may as well use it.  The Egg is set up with a porta-potty and a slop bucket for grey water because I didn't think I'd have access to those hook-ups.   Plus, the lot will accommodate a 40' trailer.   I'm looking for something a little bigger with a few more creature comforts, like running water and a toilet. So, I regret to inform you the Egg is going. It's mostly finished, but I decided to just cut my losses now instead of putting more time and money into it.  It's kinda a bummer, we had great plans to put in a dinette, closet, and a teeny, tiny kitchen.  Its one of those live and learn moments.  One that will, more than likely, cost me money.  Don't they always?  However, not all is gloom and doom.  At least I still have time to look for another trailer and sell this one.  It would have been a real drag to get over to Cordova, then realize I want something bigger.   So, there you have it.  A change of course.  I won't leave you hangin' though.  I'll post Egg pics when it's all finished, before the bidding wars start. Until then, eat fish and I'll catch ya on the flip side.

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