Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Time in Alaska

Ah, spring time in AK.  The temps spike up to just above freezing (I think we got up to 37 yesterday). People run around in shorts.  The ducks huddle around the tiny, but only spot on the lagoon that isn't frozen.  Moose are out and about grazing.  The bears are just waking up.  The sun has some warmth to it and is high in the sky again.  Sunrise is 7:47 this morning and sunset is 8:27.  My driveway is a mix of slush, ice, and small lakes and skating rinks. Snow is melting everywhere. Birdies are returning.  Spring is the perfect time............the salmon are coming home.  Halibut season just opened.  Net mending orders are coming in........It's an exciting time of year.  The buzz of gearing up for the season.

And, good news!  The Egg sold this week and Marge is all cleaned up and ready to move in.  

Large Marge the Land Barge
That's that haps this week.  Catch ya on the flip side.  Until then, eat fish!


Anonymous said...

I guess you'll want to add a facebook button to your site. Just marked down the article, but I must make this by hand. Simply my suggestion.

Tele said...

Hello Jen! I'm so pleased to discover another fisherwoman's blog - looks great, a pleasure to read. Looking forward to keeping up on your season and words.
Best fishes to you, and be well - Tele

Jen Pickett said...

Hey Tele,

Thanks for the kudos! I'm digging your blog, too.

Good fishin'