Friday, March 18, 2011

Introducing Large Marge the Land Barge

That's right.  The Egg is for sale and currently listed on Craigslist and Alaska's List:  It just wasn't working out with the Egg.  I mean, it's super cute and all, but sometimes, not all the time, just sometimes, a gal needs more than super cute.  So, we finished 'er up and slapped a FOR SALE sticker on 'er.

The stern & bunk

The bow

Gave it a nautical twist with trim

I think it looks pretty good. I'm a little bummed, now that we did all the hard work, I was looking forward to building a dinette and kitchen, but, I think I'm just going to be happier with something a bit bigger. Especially since I'll be in it for a while.  So, I'm cutting my losses now, changing course, and looking for something bigger to buy.

Last week we hit the pavement, hard, and looked at tons of trailers and motor-homes.  All the good ones go within a day or so.  It got a little frustrating, but then, it was my turn to be first in line.  Vince and I headed out to Wasilla.  We looked at this one RV, a '75 something or another.  It was a no-go, but the guy selling it was quite a character.  He'd been collecting old cars since Fido was a pup.  He had about 10 jags, all is various state of disrepair and all sorts of other little cars that makes the Mini Cooper look like a Cadillac.  After standing in the cold about an hour talking with this fella, we decided to have warm up (it was about 10 degrees out that day) at this amazing Japanese Restaurant called Tokyo.  Who knew you could get good food in Wasillla? It was great.  And the decor!  Rustic Alaskan meets Asian Garden. 

We were about to head back to Anchorage when we got a call that this one trailer was still available.  So went to take a look.  I had some reservations because its big.  Secondly, we'd been looking at overpriced junk all week.  I mean, trailers about to cave in for $1600 or motor-homes with 6 bald, bulging, and torn tires for $3K, etc.  I won't bore you with the details. One the other hand, it was fun meeting all these different people who I'd probably never meet any other way.  But, I digress.  

Anyway, the camper was great! It was the top of the line back in 1988. This is the add:  26' conventional Fleetwood Wilderness camp trailer in excellent condition. Double bed in rear with private door, bath with shower/tub, large 3 way fridge, forced air heater, roof A/C, dual large propane tanks, double sink, stove/oven, sleeps 6 with goucho bed in front and drop down dinette, lots of storage, new tires, gear buddy on rear, latter to roof storage, TV antenna, high snow load roof, NO LEAKS, reflectix insulation for windows, currently winterized, everything works!   OK, I don't know what a goucho bed is and I'm pretty sure the A/C won't get overworked here in AK, but, hey. We've read lots of add that made things sound good, but this time, it was true.  When I buy something used, I think meeting the owner has as much influence on me as the actual item.  I mean, if they are a BS'er, I'm probably in for a ride.  However, if they sound knowledgeable, have a clean garage full of tools, all put away neatly, they probably took good care of things, as was the case with this couple.  And they turned out to be a hoot.  We chatted with them for about 3 hours! They had all sorts of crazy stories! Without further ado, meet Marge.  

Ok, these photos aren't very choice.  I don't actually have photos yet of Large Marge the Land Barge.  We were going to go pick her up today, but the 6 inches of new snow we got yesterday put the kibosh on that.  So, we get her tomorrow.  And I'll have lots of elbow room all summer in Cordova.  Lots of mauve colored elbow room.  So, with any luck, the roads will clear up by tomorrow and we can go retrieve my new home away from home. 

So, that's the haps here.  Eat fish.  Use less plastic and I'll catch ya on the flip side.


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Jen Pickett said...

Thanks for your comment, it's always good to get feedback! Thanks! And thanks for letting me know how you found me, that is helpful.

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