Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's the what?

Hard to believe a week has already gone by. Perhaps with will become a weekly blog. I've been busy enjoying the last of this fall weather. It was 65 degrees this weekend! Its 32 now.......Hunkering down and writing just got easier.

And writing I have been. Working on query letters to send to agents and independent publishers. And researching manuscripts. Researching query letter, agents, publishers, marketing. I would rather do my laundry. Well, that's not true, its still sitting there. Though I love research, the nuts and bolts of writing a manuscript doesn't sound like much fun. But, its necessary, so I'll do it. I've been working on a title, too. I think Fish Tales just doesn't quite cut it. Any suggestion for a book about the life of a commercial fishing woman in Alaska?

I've also been doing some revisions. The following is titled (for now) Early Morning Commute:

It’s Monday morning. The alarm would goes off at 4 am It barely gets a ring in before my feet touch the cold wooden floor of my little rented room at Fisherman’s Camp. I stumble around quietly as the walls are paper thin and find the clothes I laid out for myself the night before. A blood stained sweatshirt and oil stained Carharts with holes in them from battery acid. They feel chilly when I put them on. I’m already in fishing mode as I tip toe down the dark wooden hallway. I hear my footsteps echo and I will them to be quieter. Just as one pulls up the anchor as quietly as possible, I slip out the door. It’s a move not of consideration, but of slipping out unnoticed to get a head start. Early bird gets the worm.

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