Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting my net off the reel........

So I’m finally getting my net off my reel, so to speak. I’ve been working on editing and revising some of my stories before I write any more. Wanna read an excerpt?

May 15, 2000. There were gale force wind warnings out. The weather was already snotty, the wind was blowing about 25 knots, and the seas were at least 18 feet. It was cold and raining. I was on my 28 foot boat. My steering wasn’t working properly. And I on my hands and knees puking. Puking on my fish and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into.
That was a synopsis of my first day fishing my own boat on the Copper River Delta. I had decided after about 8 years of crewing on boats, that I should buy my own boat. I was 28 years old and was having one of those, ‘what am I doing with my life’ moments. Sure, I had a few years of college under my belt, but didn’t yet feel the need to go back. Besides, I was living in Cordova, and the degrees offered by the community college are limited. I had my private pilot’s license and had considered going to get my commercial license. I had the application for a state loan sitting right there, right next to the application for a state loan to buy a boat and permit (licensed needed to commercial fish). I don’t recall how I made the actual decision on between the two, it could have even been a coin toss. But I do recall thinking that sitting in a cockpit of a little plane all day long would be difficult for me. I like to be active, move around. A 28 foot boat would give me much more room to do that.
The rest, as they say, is history. I received a state loan to buy into Area E drift gill net salmon fishery, otherwise known as Prince William Sound (PWS) and the Copper River Delta, aka ‘the Flats’. I had never even had a loan before. I went from not even having credit card dept to a $90,000 loan practically overnight. I searched around, made a bunch of phone calls and bought a permit. Then I looked around and bought a boat and trailer. After that, I got a net, a gear locker, a harbor slip, a parking spot for my trailer, and found a radio group to be in............

What do you think? Feedback is welcome...........

Actually, I’ve been dividing my time between researching self publishing, making contacts, and writing. Tonight I go to my first Author’s Group.
My inclination is towards becoming an IndieAuthor and doing a POD (print on demand) publishing thang. Pretty much because I like being the captain of my own ship. My last season fishing I started getting into direct marketing of my own fish. Basically, this is much more work, but eliminates the middle man and all the profits go to the fisherman, aka me. When you folks buy fish in the store for 20 dollar a pound, the fisherman who caught that fish, who risked life and limb and mortgaged his asshole to catch that fish is probably only making about 1.50 a pound. Yes. 1.50 a pound. I never liked that either. If you want to know of a good direct marketer’s source, Rick & Sarah are good friends of mine. Their web address is :

Anyway, I’m thinking big house publishers might be the same story. Therefore, I’ve been doing a little research. So far, what I have found of self publishing are a few websites that do it: Lulu, CreateSpace, and Booksurge. Of these 3, I’m leaning towards CreateSpace, but more research is required. I also found this cool book: The IndieAuthor Guide by April Hamilton. You can go to her website and even read parts of it online.

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