Friday, April 12, 2013


ALCAN PI-REP.  That the Alaska Canadian highway pilot's report in plain English.  I just did the 3200 mile drive from Denver to Cordova, AK and got in a few nights ago.

Denver to Valdez = 3200 miles

I think for the most part, I squirted between weather systems and didn't really get caught in any of them.  For the most part.  I started off the trip in a t-shirt and shorts and ended it a week and 12 hours later having to  walk the last two ice covered blocks.  But I don't want to get ahead of myself, first things first.

First thing I did was, I got lost the first 10 minutes of the trip, before I even got out of Denver.  I missed my exit and got all turned around when trying to turn around. I had to call my friend Kerry, a GIS guru, and she said "Well, what does your GPS tell you to do?"  "GPS?" I exclaimed, "I don't have it on.  I was just gonna drive up to Montana and hang a left."

Once Kerry got me going in the right direction, I was all good.  I drove north to Montana and hung at left as planned.  Then took a right and drove on into Canada.  The first few days were fairly uneventful.   

I decided that, this being my 4th trip on the ALCAN, I should stop along the way to smell the roses, AKA drive the route from Banff, Alberta to Jasper National Park.  SPECTACULAR!  But don't take my word for it, see for yourself in the following photos I did take time to take. Tune in next week for photos from the rest of the trip north to Alaska, including the 3 feet of snow Valdez got in 48 hours!

Near Banff, AB

Jasper National Forest, Alberta

Jasper National Forest, Alberta

Raven in Jasper National Forest, Alberta

Jasper National Forest, Alberta

Jasper National Forest, Alberta


Marguerita McManus said...

Glad you arrived okay and it sounds like it was a great trip. I will be leaving Arizona, heading home to Alaska, in just a few days in a new-to-me RV. For the first time ever, I too want to take my time and enjoy the trip!

Jen Pickett said...

Hey thanks for the shout out and have a safe trip! Part two comes out on Friday, so stay tuned!