Friday, April 19, 2013

AL-CAN part II

This is part two of a three part series photo essay of driving north along the historic Alaska Canadian Highway, aka ALCAN.  Last week, I took you are far north as Jasper National Forest in Alberta Canada.  Today we pick up where we left off in Banff and head to Whitehorse, Yukon.

Jasper National Park, AB

From Jasper, I took route 40, a small two lane highway north bypassing Edmonton.  I heard later on the news that there was a four and half hour ice storm in Edmonton that shut the city down for hours!  I saw pictures, too.  They had front end loaders schleping that shite around.  Not bummed I missed that!

Highway 40 took me to Route 1, I think it is, in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  I felt like such a cliche at the intersection waiting for the light to turn green to make my left hand turn.  Even though I was still days  away from the border, let alone who knows how many miles, there was a sign that said "ALASKA".  So there I was, my little white car with my practically neon yellow "Alaska" plates, all loaded down to the gills, turning left towards Alaska.

Though I avoided the ice storms, I wasn't entirely out of the woods.  I still had a few inches of snow to deal with.  Not a show stopper, but enough to notice after about six or eight hours of driving.



Another important turn
Especially this time of year, there isn't much between here and there, gas stations are sparse, open gas stations, that is.  More specifically, open gas stations with gas. 

note the out of gas sign on the pump

the sign forest near buried in snow

a welcomed open gas station

They sure are sticklers up here!

Wild buffalo of BC

Wild buffalo of BC

Wild buffalo of BC

Baby its cold outside

wild ponies near Whitehorse, Yukon
We are  two-thirds the way there!  Tune in next week and we'll finish the trip!

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