Friday, September 9, 2011

The fat lady has done sung

Typically, this time of year, silvers are just starting to wind down, but this year, silvers never really materialized.  The fat lady has done sung. 

It was a weird season.  Reds came in like gangbusters.  Come mid July, it was like someone shut off a faucet.  Silvers never really showed but.  Then it blew.  And I don’t mean some namby-pamby little blow.  I mean, it blew.  It was just like my dad’s favorite saying “the wind blew, shit flew, and no one could see for an hour or two.” 

It started blowing last Friday, it blew an obnoxious 30-45knots through the weekend.  Nothing super bad, but bad enough to make going outside not much fun.  This, it got serious or as we say, it got nautical.  Hurricane force winds.   70.  Gusts to 70 miles per hour. For. Three. Days.    That, folks, is foul.  No one could sleep, no one could leave.  Tenders got stuck down east then didn’t even buy fish because they knew they couldn’t get back.  The ferry was cancelled for three days.  Israeli tourist had to abandon their tour guide.  Volleyball teams were stuck here and had to transfer school districts.  I couldn’t get my uneven hair cut fixed because the hair dresser was out of town, stuck, waiting for the ferry. 

Just like Jimmy Buffett, I shot three holes in my freezer with cabin fever.  And it’s only September!  But not long now and I’ll be able to make my escape.   I head over to Kenai to perform at the Kenai Fisher Poets Gathering Friday and Saturday, 7-10 and Sunday, 2-?.  After that, my 4000 mile road trip through Canada.  Stay tuned!  In the mean time, eat fish!

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