Sunday, June 2, 2013

Screwy start to the season

It's been a crazy start to the season.  The season opened with 50 knots of wind and 15 foot seas.  A lot of guys sat it out and I don't blame them.  I got to go out on the second opener.  The weather was about as nice as it gets out there.  I even got photos to prove it.  The third opener was cancelled because not enough fish were going up the river.  The fourth was epic with over 500,000 fish caught. That's a record amount for a 12 hour period.  We have yet to have a fifth opener, it was closed Thursday and will be closed again tomorrow.  Its stand by to stand by for now with daily announcements.  Fish are starting heading up the river now, but Fish and Game wants to see a few more click by the counter before they let us take a whack at them.  I just hope they don't make us wait too long and we miss them!

There are photos form last Monday's commercial opener.  Enjoy!

Gillnet reel

boats in the harbor

f/v Black Bird

sunset on the anchor

sunset in the Grass Island anchorage

the net off, filing with fish (hopefully)

f/v Star Thrower

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