Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflection: 2011

10 things  from salmon season 2011 that I’m grateful for:

10.  Coming back alive with all my bits, digits and toes.
9.   All my friends coming back alive with all their bits, digits and toes. (Though Bill had a close call when his boat, Gulkana, sunk.  Good thing he made it!)
8.   Getting paid a decent price for salmon.
7.  Having the health and strength to be able to fish.
6.  All the wonderful folks who I’ve met fishing over the years.
5.  The fact that we had heat this year on the boat.
4. The marketability and sustainability of the Alaska wild salmon runs.
3. That folks are still fighting to put a stop to Pebble Mine.
2. That I caught a 50 pound king.
1. That it is over! (until next season, anyhow).

Happy New Year Everyone!

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