Friday, June 25, 2010

Fishin' Again

Wowza. Bad blogger. Father, I have a confession, its been 61 days since my last blog. Sorry folks and followers, I fell of the wagon there. And speaking of falling off the wagon, I fell of the wagon of being a recovering commercial fisherman. Yup, I'm fishing again. I knew coming back to Cordova for the summer would be like an alcoholic walking into a bar. Its just too tempting, but, then again, I wanted to be tempted.
I decided to pack up and head over to Cordova for the summer. I figured I could do some net mending and see what happens. I got myself a trailer, filled it to the brim with everything I might possibly need, eat and drink the next 3 months, threw the cat in and took off. I caught the Whittier tunnel with 5 minutes to spare, hopped on the ferry and settled in.
Life has been cozy for me and the cat, Hunter in a 6x12 foot trailer. But all is good. Its at a beautiful location at the base of a ski hill. That's not to say life doesn't have its challenges, honestly, cooking is a pain in the ass, but do-able.
I've been busy mending nets and was on the dock one day mending when a buddy of mine drives up with his boat. He leans out the window and asks "wanna go fishin?" I say "yeah" he says "wanna go Monday?" Again, I say "yeah". And the rest, as they say, is history. That was over a month ago and that's all it took, I've been fishin since.
I'm still mending on the closures and fishing the Copper River Flats twice a week. Fishing is a little slow, but we grind away and make a go of it.
So, that's the haps here. Will have pix soon!

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