Saturday, March 16, 2013

In the Tote

The past few postings here on PickFish Tales, I've featured fellow Fisher Poets.  Well, I've enjoyed riding that wave so much and decided to ride it a little longer.  This week's blog high liner is Pat Dixon.

Pat Dixon photo by Veronica Kessler

Fisher Poet and fellow blogger Pat Dixon gillnetted Cook Inlet up in Alaska from 1977 to 1997.  Originally from Indiana,  he began dabbling in photography in high school and writing  shortly there after.  He has been published in the Oberon Poetry magazine, The Smithsonian, Pacific Fishing, to name a few.  A retired educator, Pat now works a free lance writer and photographer in Olympia, Washington with is spitfire wife, Veronica.  Also, he is on the organizing committee of the Annual Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon, has a blog Gillnet Dreams, a website Pat Dixon, and an anthology of Fisher Poets called In the Tote.  Here is a list of places to find Pat's work:

Gillnet Dreams:
Pat Dixon photo:
Astoria's Fisher Poets Gathering:
In the Tote: In the Tote

In the Tote is a culmination of musings, writings, songs, tall tales and of course, stories of the one that got away from folks in the commercial fishing industry.  From fresh greenhorns to salty skippers, Pat has schooled up stories from across the country of sea faring men and women who make the annual run to Astoria's Fisher Poets Gathering (FPG), this year in its 16th year.  On the site, which Pat just recreated, you'll find audio files, video, photos and writings of 36 Fisher Poets, myself included, who have one time or another, performed on the stages at the FPG.  As Pat states on the welcome page of In the Tote, " The material you read and listen to here represents a small fillet of what has been caught at the Fisher Poets Gathering.....since it began in 1998."

photo by Pat Dixon    

WORD OF WARNING: listening to sea stories can be highly addictive and has been linked to longings for the ocean, the feel of wind in your hair and salt spray on your face.  Eating wild salmon has been known to help.  However,  if gone unchecked, it can result in the insatiable desire to fish commercially, which, as of the date of this writing, there is no known cure.  If you find this happening to you, please join your fellow salty sufferers at the 2014 Fisher Poets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon from February  21-23.  I'm out.

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