Friday, September 30, 2011

Ohio or Bust

4100 miles, 50 bison, 11 states, 9 days,  2 black bears, 2 countries, and 1 tumbleweed.

leaving Cordova on the ferry

otters floating in Prince William Sound

Worthington Glacier

Driving north on the Richardson Highway, AK

Fall along the ALCAN highway

Drunken electric polls near Northway

Permafrost affects everything up here

my truck all loaded and ready to go

self portrait at the Alaska/Yukon border

Beautiful Yukon

Hunter, my travel companion, taking a snooze on my lap

wild bison near Watson Lake, Yukon

bison in the Yukon

Liard Hot Springs, Yukon

Sleeping in the back of my truck along the way
Roosevelt National Park, ND

Roosevelt National Park, ND

Roosevelt National Park, ND

Tuckered Hunter

Ah, Ohio


4100 miles, exactly.  Final destination: Ohio.  Visiting the fam here for a week or so then I'm off again, heading south and east to North Carolina.  Next adventure, SAILING!

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